Convergent Consulting  Group is dedicated to offering a comprehensive suite of benefits to our employees, including: career-development opportunities, competitive salaries and rewarding project opportunities.

Our benefits start with a base compensation philosophy that should be the industry standard for all professional  services firms: compensation for the time you spend serving our clients. This philosophy has two main components:

Base Pay
The base pay compensates you for the value you bring to Convergent and for meeting our high client service expectations. We make base pay externally competitive, internally equitable, and performance-driven.

Overtime Pay
We recognize that the time you put into serving our clients adds value to our  firm’s reputation. Our overtime pay program rewards you for the time you spend  in client service beyond a standard work week by compensating you on an hourly basis for your overtime.

In addition to these  compensation benefits, Convergent Consulting Group offers a comprehensive suite of benefits to our employees, including: health, dental, vision and 401k.