About Us

Convergent Consulting Group is a finance and accounting consulting firm headquartered in Reston, Virginia. We focus on providing dedicated resources—with significant, relevant experience–for accounting and finance-related projects.

Convergent works with clients to deliver consulting resources that help achieve their corporate goals. Our extensive client service experience is both the foundation and the result of a clear understanding that delivering the right resource is critical to the success of your initiatives. Our goal is to be viewed as a trusted partner that knows your business and helps you make strategic project resource decisions.

We believe successful projects begin by bringing the right elements together…

Improving operational efficiencies, maintaining effective internal controls, producing timely and accurate financial information, and capturing useful business intelligence are all challenges for today’s business leaders. These challenges are compounded by changing corporate strategies, evolving accounting standards, demanding internal initiatives, and economic conditions that require fiscal discipline. To address these challenges, companies need specialized finance and accounting resources that can “hit the ground running” and be effective from day one.